The Willows Lavender Eye Pillows

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The Willows Lavender Eye Pillows available 07803 009185 or

Since lockdown I’ve really struggled with sleep, so I thought what can I do to help without taking herbal tablets and that will compliment my Self Care mission?

I put my thinking cap on and googled a few things and Lavender pillows popped up, my first thought was they were quite expensive for me so I thought I can make these!

With the help of my amazing mum and husband, I came up with The Willows Lavender Pillow.

My son Ethan and I have slept so well lately sleeping with this pillow.

Ethan says “It makes my mind calm and I go into sleep mode” 

I’m super excited to introduce you my new Lavender Pillows and it has certainly helped me and my son sleep soundly.

It can be used for Yoga/Meditation/Relaxation 

Available to order at £4.99 plus p&p

Hand Crafted with Care 

Made with French Lavender Flowers, Natural Dried Rice, 100% Cotton Fabric 

Removable washable cover 

The scent will last, just give it a squeeze from time to time


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