Professional Reiki Diploma Practitioner Course

Fully Accredited Reiki Practitioner Course 

Dates running throughout the Year

I am now working as a qualified Reiki Teacher with the Gaia School of Natural Health to offer fully Accredited Professional Reiki Diploma Practitioner Course, covering

Reiki 1 and Reiki 2.

About The Course 

Training with the Gaia School of Natural Health is flexible and modular. 

You can undertake it at your own pace, booking on each module as suits. 

We have a choice of 4 different venues: Chester, Wirral, Liverpool and North Wales, you can attend any of these locations, and take different modules at different locations if the dates are more convenient for you. 

Reiki 1 is suitable for complete beginners. You will be attuned to Reiki energy and shown how to use it safely and effectively on your family and friends. It is a standalone course which you will receive a certificate of attendance and it can lead on towards gaining practitioner status Reiki 2 should you wish. 

As required by the National Occupational Standards, the Reiki Practitioner course Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 will take you at least 9 months to complete, and consists of: 

  • 65 contact hours with your Reiki Master Tutor, and the completion of
  • 75 reiki treatments on others
  • 100 treatments on yourself
  • 5 practical observations.


North Wales – Reiki Master Teacher Sarah Maitland-Price

Liverpool – Reiki Master Teacher Jane Paget Butler

Wirral and Chester – Carolyn Roberts, Reiki Master Teacher and Principal of the Gaia School of Natural Health.

For those who do not wish to complete the full Reiki Practitioner course, you need only attend Reiki 1 and you will receive a certificate of attendance.

The Gaia School of Natural Health is fully accredited and verified by the Reiki Council (Course registration number P21-0006), UK Reiki Federation (Verification Number: 2014-1025P), and confirmed by the CNHC to offer the Reiki Practitioner Course which meets the Reiki Core Curriculum and National Occupational Standards.  

Those wishing to work within hospices or NHS environments are increasingly being required to have trained to this recognised level. You can be reassured that this recognised and accredited Reiki training enables you to join the largest and most recognised Reiki professional associations, the CNHC voluntary register of complementary therapists and gain insurance to practice as a Reiki Practitioner. 

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Gaia School of Natural Health

North Wales – Sarah Maitland-Price 07803 009185

Wirral & Chester – Carolyn Roberts 07932 063576

Liverpool – Jane Paget Butler 07513 161306


Great facilities all round, including the doors opening onto

a field so you had a lovely calm view too.

I only knew a little about Reiki but I think the

balance of practical to reading and learning was perfect. I take thing in

much better by doing than reading. I have definitely learned a new skill.

And the crystal dowsing absolutely blew my mind.

I was full of anxiety, was quite disconnected. I didn’t

have high expectations as I felt really shut down and I think quite a few of

us were nervous too. Sarah was wonderful at putting you at ease, she was

really good at explaining, and just getting us to have faith in ourselves.

The course was a really magical experience for me. I feel a lot more

connected to myself and more centred…and most importantly I actually gave

Reiki to someone and they were beaming afterwards, seeing that smile was

such a lovely feeling.