Stories of a Holistic Therapist “Finding Me” !

How did you get into Holistic Therapies?

This is the question I am asked all the time, so here goes…….

I always felt like I was drifting in life with no real journey, no sense of purpose, I now understand the reason for this was that I was not living to any of my values in life.

I was in that constant circle of finding good jobs working my way up the career ladders but then getting so overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, and so burnt out.

Moving to North Wales I discovered Reiki Healing, and what a turning point this was for me and that is were my real journey of self discovery began….


Having regular Reiki Healing really helped me with my stress and the constant overwhelming feeling I had always carried, it even bought me calm, I can only describe it as if I had been asleep and I was becoming awake and aware.

I found I had this yearning to learn about this amazing healing I went on to study the different Reiki Levels eventually going on to become a practitioner. This then lead me to Reflexology and Massage courses which I completed in between being a Mum, a wife and working part-time.

After lots of procrastination and lots of limiting beliefs such as “I am not good enough, I can’t do it” but to name a few, I finally took the leap and opened my own Holistic business in 2017, which was the most incredibly nerve racking thing I had ever done and is also one of the best things I have ever done.

With hard work and determination and lots of internal fighting with my limiting beliefs, I have an amazing business which I am incredibly humble and grateful for.

On this journey of finding me I have also discovered my love for studying and am constantly learning more about my Holistic crafts but also adding modalities bringing in Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Breakthrough Coaching under The Willows umbrella so that I can keep bringing the best that I can to all my clients at the highest level to support them on their journey.

“The biggest thing I have learnt through all of this is that anyone can fulfil their dreams if they really try and really want too”

Where do you find me?

The OpTIC Centre, Ffordd William Morgan, St Asaph Business Park, LL17 0JD 

Sarah Maitland-Price 07803 009185

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